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Gary Rosendorff

Owner, President

With the help of his wife and seven children Gary transformed his micro concept bakery into the flourishing enterprise it is today. Over the past decade Rosendorffs challah has become a staple in the community and continues to gain popularity as it grows.


Baruch Rosendorff

Vice President

As Gary's oldest son, Baruch has worked hard helping his father grow the family business and is a driving force expanding the reach of the company. Baruch and his wife Luna are new parents with their first son 'Guy' becoming the latest addition to the Rosendorff clan. 



Yossi Rosendorff

CFO, Production Manager

After getting his bachelor's degree in business Yossi applied his education to the bakery and helped grow the business into its present size. While acting as the head baker, Yossi also strongly influences the business's capital investments which allow Rosendorff's bakery to keep up with the booming demand for its products. His wife Rucki and sons Tai and Adiel are quickly becoming their own large family, keeping up with Rosendorff tradition.



Esty Rosendorff

Product Distribution Manager